Driven by our mission to save lives by improving the diagnostic value of the ECG, Peacs is investing in research activities. We want to understand the origin of the ECG better, become the best in what we develop and deliver. We truly believe in collaboration with thought leaders in our domain. We are grateful for the financial support we obtain from the Netherlands, the European Union and the support our research partners receive from their national organisations. Developing new concepts is a process which often requires a long term vision, trust in your partners and determination to get the job done.

Our current research projects are:

  • QRS-VISION: We participated in the research project QRS-VISION together with UMC Utrecht and the Dutch Heart Foundation. The project aimed to develop novel advanced ECG diagnostic techniques to assess the disease state, progression and cardiac risk of inherited cardiomyopathies that can lead to heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias (VA) and sudden cardiac death. The project came to a close at the end of 2021.
  • CRTPlus: We collaborated with Aalborg University (Denmark) in the research project CRTplus which was sponsored by Health Holland. The project aimed to develop novel advanced ECG electro anatomical mapping techniques to support the processes of preparing and executing Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy. The project came to a close at the end of 2021.
  • COCVD: We collaborate with University Medical Center Utrecht and the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance in developing an effective solution in identifying abnormal ECG patterns in the electrical pathways based on only 12 lead ECG data. This project is part of the Health Holland Rapid Covid Response facility. Results of the project have been presented at Computing in Cardiology 2020. The study The project came to a close in 2021 but continues through the activities of ECG Excellence..
  •  Ongoing research: Next to the formals EU granted research project, Peacs participates in research on improving the cardiac ECG diagnostics. A list of publications can be found here.