Peacs was founded in 2009 by Peter and Eelco van Dam. They started out creating open source educational tools in the cardiac field in collaboration with several academic institutions. Peacs developed educational model based platforms to train the next generation medical students on the interpretation and origin of cardiac signals.

Peacs knowledge base originates and is continuously fed by the academic research which its co-founder, Peter van Dam, is conducting at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), at the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) and the University of Lucerne (Switzerland). In his research Peter’s objective is to improve the inverse ECG modeling techniques and evolving algorithms. These innovative research collaborations result in a completely new approach to solve the inverse problem with great clinical implications. Complementary, Eelco van Dam delivers the base for converging the academic insights into hard- and software which forms the core of Peacs products and services today.

To be able to bring these technical innovations to the clinical market the company evolved over the years. Today Peacs is involved in the development of both medical technology for cardiac diagnostics and open source educational tools. The company has enlarged its competence base by growing a team of developers and collaborating with OEM* companies in the ECG and medical domain as well as leading knowledge institutes and hospitals.


*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer