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ECG Excellence

The 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) was invented a century ago. And since that moment the base technology for recording the electrical heart performance has hardly been improved. Today 12 lead ECG interpretation is still a challenge. On average 54% of these ECG interpretation by physicians are correct.

ECG Excellence moves the ECG interpretation to the digital age. Combining inverse cardiac modelling, algorithms and digital imaging technology the ECG interpretation is simplified, becomes more accurate and the clinical and economic value of the ECG is increased. Re-vitalizing a new age of use for the 12 lead ECG technology which remains non-invasive, low cost, patient friendly and rapid in providing cardiac performance information.

More information regarding the use of our technology to enhance ECG diagnostics and prognostics can be found on the website of ECG-Excellence. Information regarding ECG Excellence diagnostic solution CineECG can be found on the CineECG website